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There Once Was a Man Named Dell, Who Told 1,900 Workers “Go to Hell,” Redux

billthecatIreland’s “Celtic Tiger” is looking more and more like Bloom County’s Bill the Cat these days and Dell’s decision to shutter its plant in the Irish city of Limerick certainly won’t improve matters. According to report by Forfas, the country’s policy advisory body for enterprise and science, the closure will cost the region almost 9,500 jobs–nearly four times the 2,510 that will be lost by the closure itself. Some 6,600 positions are likely to be lost at companies supplying goods and services to Dell (DELL), the report said. “[It] is a realistic figure, unfortunately,” said Labour Deputy Jan O’Sullivan. “That has been the ball-park figure that has been predicted for some time. We are all aware that two to three companies are directly dependent on Dell.”

A devastating blow to Ireland and one that’s expected to take as much as $158 million out of the local economy.