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The Sony Ericsson President You Have Dialed Is No Longer in Service…

Sony (SNE) has no plans to divest its stake in Sony Ericsson, but it is divesting itself of something else: the executive charged with overseeing the joint venture. Najmi Jarwala, the president of Sony Ericsson’s operations in North America, is leaving the company at the end of March. Why? “To pursue other career opportunities.”

“It has been an incredibly rewarding time for me and we have achieved a lot together in North America,” Jarwala said in a statement. “We have introduced an increasing number of new products, grown market share, built operator relationships and, perhaps most importantly, have laid the foundation for North America to play a key role in the long term growth and success of Sony Ericsson.”

An incredibly rewarding time. Really?

An interesting choice of words coming as it does just days after Sony Ericsson said it expects to post an ugly loss for its first quarter–its fourth consecutive one–amid waning customer demand for its largely unexciting handsets.