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Nvidia Overclocks Intel’s Patience

rockem-sockemThe tentative sparring between Intel and Nvidia over the terms of their chipset licensing agreement has evolved into a full-on street brawl. Earlier this week, Intel filed suit against Nvidia, seeking a declaratory judgment that would prevent the company from peddling nForce motherboards that support Intel’s new Nehalem-class chips, which feature integrated memory controller functionality. “The suit seeks to have the court declare that Nvidia is not licensed to produce chipsets that are compatible with any Intel processor that has integrated memory controller functionality, such as Intel’s Nehalem microprocessors and that Nvidia has breached the agreement with Intel by falsely claiming that it is licensed,” Intel said in a statement. “Intel has been in discussions with Nvidia for more than a year attempting to resolve the matter but unfortunately we were unsuccessful.”

That, of course, is because Nvidia (NVDA) feels there’s no need for a resolution. In its opinion, the terms of its licensing agreement with Intel (INTC) do indeed cover the chip giant’s Nehalem processors and other upcoming chips. And it views Intel’s claim that the agreement is otherwise as an effort to hamstring Nvidia’s platform innovations, which Intel sees as a threat to its PC dominance. “We are confident that our license, as negotiated, applies,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of Nvidia. “At the heart of this issue is that the CPU has run its course and the soul of the PC is shifting quickly to the GPU. This is clearly an attempt to stifle innovation to protect a decaying CPU business.”