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“Other Mainframe Company” Files Complaint Against “Other Monopoly”

This morning T3 filed an antitrust complaint against IBM in Europe, accusing the company of abusing its monopoly power in Europe’s computer mainframe market. In the complaint, “the other mainframe company”–as T3 likes to refer to itself–claims IBM has hamstrung sales of competing mainframe hardware products by tying the sale of its own OS to its mainframe hardware. “For decades, IBM licensed its system software and intellectual property to other computer manufacturers,” T3 President Steven Friedman said in a statement. “However, for no reason other than to remove all competition from the mainframe market, IBM eliminated programs to allow customers to buy its mainframe software for use on non-IBM mainframe solutions. It also used legal threats and anti-competitive actions to shut down competitors such as T3.”

Damning accusations, and ones that would seem to suggest that though it was conceived in the vacuum tube era, the consent decree that prevented IBM from tying hardware and software sales may not have been quite as obsolete IBM claimed.

News of T3’s European complaint comes just days after the European Commission charged Microsoft (MSFT) with illegally tying its Internet Explorer Web browser to Windows.