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Dance Dance Revolution on the iPhone? But How Will I Stand on the Touch Screen?

“I think the iPhone and iPod touch may emerge as really viable devices in the mobile games market this holiday season,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs said this past November. And Apple’s (AAPL) vibrant App Store ecosystem is fast proving him right. Of the more than 200 million App Store downloads thus far, a quarter have been games, and more and more game publishers are bringing their marquee titles to the platform. The latest to do so: Konami, which will bring variations on Metal Gear Solid, Frogger, Silent Hill and, remarkably, Dance Dance Revolution to the iPhone later this month.

That’s quite an endorsement of the device as a gaming platform and one that suggests it could emerge as a real threat to the Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s (SNE) PSP. As one iPhone user told The Wall Street Journal earlier this year, “I can listen to my iPod and play games at the same time, and when I’m done I can just put it in my pocket. The short amount of time I’ve had the iPhone, I’ve played more games on that than on my PSP and DS combined.”