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Yahoo Opens Its Open Strategy With Mail, Toolbar, My Yahoo and Media

After a week of bleeding purple, a heavily bandaged Yahoo has regrouped to roll out its vaunted Open Strategy. At an event in San Francisco today, the company introduced “socialized” upgrades to Yahoo Mail, Toolbar, My Yahoo, Yahoo TV and Yahoo Music. Each service now features social enhancements that essentially transform the experience of using it into one more akin to social networking. Yahoo Mail, for example, now manages your in-box according to your social connections. It’s also been tricked out with a new social photo browser from Xoopit and a feature that allows you to easily turn a message into a WordPress blog post.

“By tying together our audience and context, we can have even more relevant experiences,” said Tapan Bhat, senior vice president of Front Doors and Network Services at Yahoo (YHOO). “All our properties are going to be socialized…and fundamentally, it is going to change how information is consumed.”

The now-socialized Yahoo Mail is to go live today at 1 p.m. PST. My Yahoo, the Yahoo Toolbar, Yahoo TV and Yahoo Music go live later this week.