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Like Trying to Take Pee Out of a Swimming Pool?

The Federal Communications Commission imposes decency standards on publicly broadcast radio and television signals. No surprise, then, to hear it’s looking to do the same to the free wireless Internet service it envisions in the AWS III spectrum. At its December meeting, the FCC is expected to push forward with another major spectrum auction, one that would require the winning bidder to use a portion of those airwaves to offer a free broadband service. Smut-free, as well, according to an FCC notice on the auction:

…the licensee for the 2155-2180 MHz spectrum to provide–using up to 25 percent of its wireless network capacity–free, two-way broadband Internet service at engineered data rates of at least 768 kbps downstream. Additional obligations associated with the licensee’s free broadband service would include a requirement to provide a network-based filtering mechanism for the free Internet service in order to protect children and families.”

Quite a goal, “protecting children and families” from government-defined obscenity. A daunting one, though. As a wise man once said, “You can’t take something off the Internet…. That’s like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool.” And in Internet porn’s case, it’s like trying to take it out of a cesspool.