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Uh, Hello? Cut-and-Paste!?!

November 21. That’s the day iPhone 2.2 is rumored to arrive at market. And when, or if, it does, it’s expected to include some slick new features. Among them:

  • Enhancements to Google Maps, including support for Google Street View, plus bus schedules and walking directions
  • Support for over-the-air podcast updates via the iTunes Store
  • An app-scoring feature that allows users to rate applications purchased from the the App Store before deleting them
  • Support for line-in audio via the iPhone’s headphone jack

Wonderful additions to the platform, all of them. Of course, there are still quite a few missing. MMS support would be nice, wouldn’t it? As would support for Flash and the ability to compose messages in landscape mode.

And what about cut-and-paste? Seriously, at this point, it’s almost like Apple (AAPL) is purposely withholding it, out of spite.