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And We Couldn’t Have Done It Without Jessica Yellin and the CNN Holodeck …

Tuesday’s presidential election was a historic one for more than just the obvious reasons. Monomaniacal interest in its outcome drove Internet usage to a new record. According to Akamai Technologies, which operates a content delivery network that includes the likes of CNN, NBC, and the BBC, traffic to its member news sites reached 8.57 million visitors-per-minute at 11 p.m. EST, right around the time Barack Obama delivered his victory speech.

Breaking things down a bit further, Beet.TV reports that received over 20 million unique visitors, nearly 250 million page views, and served up some nine million video streams yesterday. Meanwhile, counted 27 million unique visitors during election day and 4.9 million live video streams–the most in its history.

Must have been that new holodeck that gave CNN the edge, eh?