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BREAKING: Facebook May or May Not Launch Music Service

Looks like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is suffering from a bit of Freudian MySpace Envy. Now that the rival social network has launched what MySpace CEO Chris Wolfe likes to describe as a “mega-music experience,” Facebook is said to be looking for a foothold in the digital music business as well. The New York Post reports that the social network is busy poking the major record labels to gauge their interest in a Facebook music offering. Unlike MySpace Music, which is a joint venture between MySpace and the “Big Four” music labels, Facebook’s music service would more likely take the form of an outsourcing deal with a streaming service like or If there’s a music service at all. Said the Post, “Insiders familiar with the talks further cautioned that nothing is imminent, and Facebook may ultimately walk away from the plan altogether.”

Headless Story Found in Rumor-Filled Bar?

[Image Credit: New York Post]