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2008: Apple’s 10 Million Mac Year? (Part 2)

The malaise in the financial markets may have taken its toll on Apple’s share price, but it has done little to hamper sales of the company’s hardware. Despite a down market, Apple’s (AAPL) share of the laptop sector is increasing. In the United States Apple’s share grew by 60 percent, year over year, rising from 6.6 percent to 10.6 percent in the second quarter of this year. In contrast, most every other PC maker’s market share was either down, flat or very slightly up compared with last year.

Clearly, Apple’s position in the notebook computer market is a strong one. And presumably the company will grow stronger still following the debut of its new MacBooks, which are rumored to be launching in mid-October. Perhaps RBC analyst Mike Abramsky wasn’t all that far off when he predicted that 2008 could be a record-breaking year for Apple. Back in August, Abramsky suggested that “massive back-to-school Mac sales” in excess of three million will see Apple reporting year-over-year growth of 44 percent for the three-month period ending September.

Up to now, Apple shipped 2,319,000 Macs in Q1 2008 and 2,289,000 in Q2. If it ships the 3.04 million Abramsky predicts for Q3 and a similar number in Q4, 2008, well … 2008 is going to be a very good year for Apple. Very good.