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Hi. I’m a Big Mac and I’m a Vente Soy Latte

How neatly Microsoft’s latest Zune promotion encapsulates the differences between its also-ran digital media player and Apple’s iPod. As promised, Microsoft today uncrated its next-generation Zune. Along with it, the company rolled out a Zune 3.0 firmware update that enables the device to download songs directly from the Zune Marketplace over Wi-Fi. And in homage to Apple’s iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store at Starbucks (SBUX), Microsoft announced a similar partnership.

With McDonald’s (MCD). (Did somebody say McDonald’s?)

Under the terms of the company’s deal with the fast-food chain, Zune owners will be given free Wi-Fi access in any of the restaurant’s locations that support it. So, Apple (AAPL) inks an exclusive partnership with an “upmarket” coffee retailer. Microsoft (MSFT) strikes deal with the Golden Arches.

Five bucks and a pound of StumpTown’s Hair Bender says the next episode in Microsoft’s new “Simple Life” ad campaign features Chairman Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld sharing Zune-to-Zune Squirts over Big Macs. …