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Wow. Apple Financial Services Really Does Make Buying a Mac as Easy as Using One

Economic softness in the states is widespread, but apparently it stops short at 1 Infinite Loop. Though consumer spending on electronics is generally trending lower, it’s trending higher for Apple products. According to a new survey by Changewave, eight percent of consumers plan to buy a laptop in the next 90 days, and five percent, a desktop. Of these, 34 percent are considering a MacBook and 30 percent an Apple (AAPL) desktop–up two percent and three percent respectively from the year prior.

This as consumer interest in machines from PC rivals like Dell (DELL) and HP (HPQ) wanes. Planned purchases of Dell laptops have fallen 4 to 20 percent while planned purchases of HP desktops have fallen 3 to 17 percent. “Consumer electronics spending will remain weak over the next 90 days,” said Changewave Executive Director Paul Carton. “The one bright spot is Apple, whose Mac sales are outperforming and are poised to once again reach new all-time highs.”

Odd to hear when Apple products are typically more spendy than those of the company’s rivals. Apple Financial Services must be doing great business these days.