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Apple’s “Let’s Rock” Event More of an Easy-Listening Affair?

To hear tell from AmTech analyst Shaw Wu, Apple’s (AAPL) “Let’s Rock” media event tomorrow may be a bit less rockin’ than the Mac faithful would like to believe. In a research note to clients Friday, Wu said the event could prove a letdown for anyone hoping to see new hardware beyond a fourth-generation iPod nano and a slimmer second-generation iPod touch. Apparently Wu’s supply chain checks haven’t turned up any evidence of redesigned MacBooks, which means their debut at Tuesday’s event is unlikely. “While there is always room for surprise, it seems this event may be somewhat underwhelming versus previous expectations and events,” he wrote, adding that there is potential for a “wild card” announcement or two.

Wild cards, hmm? What sort of wild cards, exactly? According to Wu, “an advanced AppleTV with DVR and TV tuner capabilities” or “new touch form factors (iPod-Mac hybrid) with larger screens.” Perhaps even an iPhone 2.1 firmware update.

LIVE COVERAGE ALERT: Check back here Tuesday morning for live coverage of the event beginning at 10 AM P.S.T.