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AT&T Announces 12-Word Synonym for “Cloud Computing”

Apparently, the folks who write AT&T’s mind-numbing service disclosures are the same ones who pen its press releases. How else to explain this unwieldy description of the company’s new Synaptic Hosting offering? “AT&T Inc. today announced the global launch of AT&T Synaptic Hosting, its next-generation utility computing service with managed networking, security and storage for businesses.”

Which is really just a grotesquely long-winded way of saying that AT&T is joining the burgeoning market of cloud-computing service providers. Like Google (GOOG), IBM (IBM), and (AMZN) before it, the company is offering computer networking and storage delivered over the Internet, on demand. But with one important advantage: AT&T (T) runs the backbone network that will connect its customers to those services. Presumably, that means one fewer potential failure point–a compelling proposition, especially for businesses that have suffered through Amazon’s Simple Storage Service outages.