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D’Oh, Canada [Updated]

UPDATE: New reports are emerging that claim Apple isn’t selling the iPhone at any of its retail stores outside the U.S come Friday. This would suggest that, while Apple may well be appalled by Rogers’ pricing, it isn’t protesting it by refusing to sell the iPhone 3G through its own retail stores in Canada.


If you’re a Canadian who doesn’t like the price at which Canada’s exclusive iPhone carrier, Rogers (RCI), is selling the device don’t buy one, the Vancouver Sun advised in an editorial last Friday. Wise advice. And easier to follow, now that Apple (AAPL) is reportedly sanctioning Rogers out of disgust for its exorbitantly priced data rates (see chart below). Appalled by Rogers’ pricing, Cupertino is said to be refusing to sell the iPhone 3G through its own retail stores in Canada. So come Friday, Canadians looking for a new iPhone will have to head over to a Rogers Wireless outlet to buy one–assuming they can stomach a three-year contract that requires a minimum monthly payment of $60 for just 150 minutes, 75 text messages, and 400MB of data … Apple stores will have demo models only.

  International Cost Comparisons1
  Canada (Rogers)2 United Kingdom (O2)3 United States (AT&T)4
Phone cost (8 GB model) $ 199 free $ 202.03
Plan cost per month $ 100 $ 76.63 $ 101.51
Minimum contract length 3 years 1.5 years 2 years
Voice minutes (day) 600 1200 Unlimited
Voice minutes (evenings/weekend) Unlimited N / A Unlimited
Data 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Text messages 300 500 0
Call display included No Yes Yes
Mandatory extra fees per month $ 7.45 $ 0 $ 1.25
Caller display fee $ 7 $ 0 $ 0
Total monthly cost $ 114.45 $ 76.63 $ 102.76
YOUR TOTAL COST COMMITMENT: $ 4319.20 $ 1379.34 $ 2668.27