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A Million Here, a Million There–Pretty Soon You’re Talking About a Lot of iPhones

Apple’s oft-stated goal of selling 10 million iPhones in 2008 apparently doesn’t mean that it hopes to sell 10 million phones within this calendar year. Apparently, it means that it hopes to sell 15 million or more. Because according to FBR Capital Market’s latest Apple (AAPL) supply-chain checks, the company has substantially increased 2008 build volumes for the device.

“Our latest checks show forecasted calendar 3Q and 2008 iPhone build volumes have been revised significantly higher, with more than 15 million 3G iPhones plus two million old 2G iPhones forecast for 2008,” FBR Capital Market (FBCM) analysts Craig Berger and Robert Pikover explained in a research note to clients today. The two also noted that Apple’s raised build volumes for Macs and iPods as well. “Recent checks show Apple’s 3Q notebook and desktop build volumes were revised up by 10% and 20%, respectively, since our last check,” they explained. “… Apple’s 3Q iPod build volumes were revised up by 15% since our last check and are now set to grow 35% sequentially.”

Interestingly, Berger and Pikover suggest that some of that iPod volume may be in updated iterations of the iconic device. “We hear a new, lower priced Nano may be coming, as well as refreshed versions of the Touch and Classic,” they said.