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Anything to Add, Carl?

icahnhasyurboard.jpgCarl Icahn’s a little quieter than usual today, isn’t he?

After publicly cataloguing Yahoo’s (YHOO) failures of leadership for the better part of the week, he seems to have fallen silent after what may prove to be the company’s greatest failure of all.

Perhaps that’s because he’s still hard at work penning a letter so full of spleen and vitriol it will melt Jerry Yang’s head like Belloq’s in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Or perhaps it’s because he’s not that worried about the Google (GOOG) deal. After all, it’s got all sorts of things going against it. There’s antitrust scrutiny. And then there are its terms. According the deal’s fine print, Google is free to scuttle the agreement in the event of a “change in control.” And that includes changes of control in the boardroom–exactly the sort of thing Carl Icahn proposes.

The services agreement also permits Google to suspend performance of the services under certain circumstances, including a … change in a majority of the board of directors of Yahoo following an annual or special meeting of stockholders if a majority of the new directors did not serve on Yahoo’s board immediately prior to such stockholder meeting and were nominated or solicited for by Microsoft, Time Warner or News Corp. or, solely with respect to Yahoo’s first two annual or special meetings held after the effective date where the election of a majority of directors is before Yahoo stockholders (but not later than Sept. 1, 2009), by any other person or group.”