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Vonage Announces Record Smaller-Than-Expected Q1 Loss

goodeffort.jpgVonage’s slow death is … well, it’s slowing.The financially struggling Internet-phone company reported today a smaller first-quarter loss thanks largely to prudent cost cuts.

Great news for Vonage (VG), which has been tormented by a barrage of costly legal battles and set upon by new and powerful rivals. The company’s net loss shrank to $8.96 million, or 6 cents a share, from a loss of $72.3 million, or 47 cents, in the year-earlier quarter.

Sadly for Vonage, the company’s Q1 loss isn’t the only thing that shrank. Subscriber growth did as well. The company signed up just 30,000 new subscribers in the quarter, a big decline from a year earlier when it added nearly 166,000 subscribers. Worse, turnover rate increased to 3.3% from 3% in the fourth quarter.

Still, Vonage is a bit healthier than it’s been for some time now. So while it may not exactly be on the road to recovery, it’s at least crawling in its general direction. To that end, the company’s inked a deal to resell Covad’s DSL service under the Vonage Broadband name. An interesting idea, in that it will allow Vonage to bundle a broadband offering with its Internet telephony services like most other phone and cable companies on the planet. But DSL? Really? At a time when Verizon (VZ) is expanding its FiOS fiber-optic service and Comcast (CMCSA) is boosting the speed of its high-tier cable broadband?