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I’ll Show You an Exclamation Point, You !#$%&!!!!!!

“There’s a reason why we’re the only fortune 500 company with an exclamation point at the end of our name,” Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang said yesterday. “And now is the time to demonstrate what that exclamation point stands for.”

Today investors are doing just that. Sadly for Yang, it’s with criticisms and epithets, not calls to arms. Seems Yahoo (YHOO) investors’ view of what that exclamation point stands for post-Microsoft (MSFT) differ just a wee bit from Yang’s. What follows is a selection of reader comments on Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang’s “OK, So Now What?” blog post:

  • Dear Mr. Yang, You had the opportunity to provide your shareholders and dying company with a somewhat respectable exit. A 70% premium sat in your lap and you had the ARROGANCE to ask for more.

  • I don’t doubt that the pro-Microsoft crowd is celebrating right now. I’ll bet no one in Redmond wants to go through the pain of integrating with a company that has undergone an engineering talent-exodus and is becoming irrelevant in its core technologies. So as a Microsoft shareholder, thank you for acting in my best interests. Had you accepted Microsoft’s offer it would most certainly have crippled Ballmer and company.
  • Hi Jerry, Nice job. … Now will you please buy my 500 shares at $31. I mean it’s a great deal for you since your stock is worth $37 as you say.
  • How are you going to turn this aging hippy around? How about coming out and announcing Yahoo’s new strategy. You can start by appointing Sue Decker CEO.