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Faster, iPhone! Kill! Kill!

fikk.jpgWith less than three months to go before Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple (AAPL) observers are slowly being swept up in that most hallowed of Mac faithful traditions: the futile guessing game.

Last Friday, Digg founder Kevin Rose, whose “Diggnation” videocast has become a sort of Psychic Friends Network for Apple rumors, claimed the next-generation iPhone would include two cameras and support for video chat. A few days later he added that the device will also run on a faster 3G network, include GPS and ship in June.

Now Gartner Group analyst Ken Delaney has joined in the handicapping, speculating that the device will boast an organic light-emitting diode display that will make it thinner and reduce power consumption. Delaney says the iPhone’s somewhat disappointing performance in Europe has forced Apple’s hand, inspiring it to fast-track the 3G phone and place an order for 10 million of the devices from its manufacturing partners in Asia.

Could it be that Apple is planning to announce the 3G iPhone at WWDC, with an eye toward an official release on June 29, the first anniversary of its predecessor’s debut?