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Windows Mobile on the SideKick? Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

drballmer.jpgMicrosoft isn’t always unrequited in love. This morning the software giant said it had agreed to acquire Danger Inc., maker of T-Mobile’s SideKick smart phone, for an undisclosed sum.


“It completes the picture for us in terms of making the transition from just being on the business side of things to being on the consumer side of things,” said Robbie Bach, Microsoft’s president of entertainment and devices.

Seems Microsoft really is serious about the consumer cellphone business after all. But what’s it going to do with Danger? Said Jupiter analyst Michael Gartenberg, “The SideKick had strong appeal as the anti-BlackBerry for younger audiences and it will be really interesting to see how MSFT integrates the technology, business model and overall device cachet to a culture more at home selling to enterprise CIOs than it is selling to rock stars.”

Could this be the beginning of a Zune-based cellphone ?