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And No, There Will Not Be a 600-Euro Rebate for Early Adopters of the 999-Euro iPhone

T-Mobile’s $1,478 defeatured iPhone has been taken off the market as quickly as it arrived. A German court today dismissed an injunction won by Vodafone that had barred it from selling the iPhone only with a 24-month contract and a SIM lock that prevents users from switching to another wireless carrier.

T-Mobile met the news with a sigh of relief and promptly stopped selling the phone for 999 euros ($1,500) without a contract. Not that they were flying off the shelves at that price, although according to T-Mobile spokesperson Klaus Czerwinski, quite a few were sold. “It was hard to understand how somebody could buy it for that price,” he told ZDNet UK. “At the beginning I thought hardly any would be sold. It was a very expensive adventure.”