The Tech 10: GPhone Whereabouts, AT&T Won’t Whiff on iPhone and Fotolog Gets Frenchified

With Digital Daily’s John Paczkowski barely back from vacation, we’re lending a hand with the news watch by compiling our digest of the day’s top 10 tech stories, shown below:

  1. More GPhone sightings: Mark Hopkins of RizWords writes that Google’s forthcoming phone will be less of a competitor to the iPhone than to a soon-to-be released $100 laptop from Asustek.
  2. Not so fast, not so fast. After a New Jersey teen unlocked its exclusive wireless software, AT&T is thwarting attempts by one company to repeat the feat and disable it as sole provider of iPhone wireless connections, reports Jacqui Cheng of Infinite Loop.
  3. Meanwhile, the teen geek from New Jersey who cracked the AT&T wireless lock on the iPhone got a deal for the historic phone he couldn’t refuse, reports the New York Daily News. After he tried, unsuccessfully, to auction the phone on eBay, tech bigwig Terry Daidone stepped up and traded him a Nissan 350 Z and three new iPhones for his team of iPhone-cracking experts.
  4. Deciding to protect users’ privacy rather than fight a court ruling, search engine TorrentSpy has blocked visitors coming from the U.S. access to its site. According to Techdirt, the move comes in response to a protracted legal tussle with the Motion Picture Association of America.
  5. Say “fromage” (cheese, in French): New York-based photo-sharing Web site Fotolog has been acquired by Hi Media, an interactive media company based in Paris. The deal, reports GigaOm, will create one of the largest pure-play Internet companies in Europe.
  6. Realizing that it must monetize or perish, social-networking site MySpace is considering lifting a ban on commerce by users, such as advertising products and sending profit-generating messages, without jeopardizing its bread-and-butter corporate advertising, according to the Los Angeles Times.
  7. Windows disadvantage: That’s what happened over the weekend, when Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage server that verifies users went down and took many operating systems with it for 19 hours, reports PC Magazine.
  8. Score another one for organized labor: According to The Wall Street Journal, the patent-overhaul bill that is fervently desired by such tech giants as Microsoft and Cisco will likely face delays and watering down now that the AFL-CIO has objected, citing concern over loss of jobs stateside as well as intellectual-property infringement.
  9. Sony one-ups Apple, reports Ars Technica, unveiling its Blu-ray equipped Vaio LT, a combo PC/TV. Apple promises a Mac with Blu-ray, too.
  10. No easy dough here. Making money in the alternate, Web-based world of Second Life is harder than it looks. ABC News reports that only 145 users made $5,000 or more as Second Life entrepreneurs in July. Despite the hype of thousands to be made in the venture, that’s but a fraction of the 450,000 who log on each month.

–posted by Associate Editor John Sullivan