The Tech 10: Dell Redoes the Math, Skype’s Gripes and H-P Has a Great Q3

Note: John Paczkowski is on vacation and won’t be writing or posting videos until he returns Monday, Aug. 27.

To keep you abreast of tech news while he’s away, we’re compiling a daily digest of 10 must-read tech stories. We’re calling it the Tech 10 and it will appear in Digital Daily.

  1. Dell says it will restate financial results after an internal audit finds evidence of irregularities going back several years. The adjustment will reduce the company’s profit by $50 million to $150 million.
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  3. Though some Skype users report being able to log on after a major outage yesterday, many users of the VOIP service remain in connectivity limbo as the company struggles to resolve what is presumed to be a software problem.
  4. Despite the lingering hangover from its board-leak counterintelligence scandal, Hewlett-Packard reports robust third-quarter earnings, based largely on lower computer-component costs.
  5. Computer rivals IBM and Sun Microsystems will collaborate on server technologies. The move means Sun’s Solaris operating system will be able to run on Big Blue’s servers.
  6. Sprint announces it will spend $5 billion on its upcoming WiMax service dubbed (somewhat unpronounceably) “Xohm.”
  7. Crying patent infringement, Nokia wants U.S. authorities to halt imports of Qualcomm’s chips and the cellphones they’re used in. The world’s largest cellphone maker is in a legal fray with Qualcomm since a deal over patents expired on April 9. Meanwhile, Nokia has warned its handset users that defective batteries pose a potential danger, offering to replace them in a voluntary program.
  8. Strong sales of its Mac and iPhone are giving Apple renewed momentum, says RBC Capital’s Mike Abramsky, who maintains that shares of the computer-maker’s stock could eventually hit $175.
  9. MTV Networks will pump $500 million into video-game development based on the network’s range of shows over the next two years. The investment comes as the traditional media company attempts to gain a toehold in the $30 billion global games market.
  10. It looks like there’s upheaval at Technorati. The blog-search service is reportedly laying off eight people, and CEO David Sifry is resigning.
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  12. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the compact disc, the format that triggered a revolution in the recording industry and one that remains the principal means for consumers to listen to music, despite the growing popularity of digital downloading.
  13. –posted by Associate Editor John Sullivan