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‘Perfect 10’ Also Apparently the IQ of Perfect 10 Founder

They’ve got a steep, steep learning curve over there at Perfect 10. Having unsuccessfully sued Amazon and Google for copyright infringement, the “publisher of tasteful model and supermodel images” has filed suit against Microsoft.

Like those brought against Google and Amazon before it, the lawsuit alleges that Microsoft’s MSN image search displays thumbnail images linking to sites that host infringing pictures. “Microsoft is showing tens of thousands of extremely valuable celebrity images, along with Perfect 10 images, without authorization, which it obtains from hundreds if not thousands of pirate Web sites,” Perfect 10 President Norm Zada said in a statement. “Search engines could greatly reduce infringement if they would simply delist obvious infringers upon receiving notice, and stop copying and linking to copyrighted works without permission.”

Perhaps. But wouldn’t these infringements be more easily reduced by, you know, suing the infringers themselves? Taking legal action against third parties for not enforcing your copyrights seems a circuitous way of resolving disputes like these.